Are We Being Ripped Off?

3 Years ago we launched and started to manufacture our own range of animal supplements. We hired an ISO 9000 animal pharmaceutical company to do our manufacturing, to ensure that our formulas were sourced, mixed and packaged exactly, to our strict requirements. We only use ‘human grade’ natural ingredients, of which several are imported into SA.

We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of these ingredients. Contrary to popular belief the vast majority of ingredients were very cost effective. We then choose, top of the range packaging and still the products worked out at a very affordable selling price.

Where the shocker came was when we were approached by shops and distributors, who politely informed us that they would be adding a whopping 75% mark up. We think not! We choose to rather appoint agents to market our products direct to the end users. Thereby keeping our products affordable to all and further offering employment.

Last year we formulated a new product to treat skin and coat disorders, to be launched early this year. A first in SA, as an oral skin maintenance conditioner.

The natural raw ingredients in this product also contain the entire needed Omega 3 and 6 in the correct ratios that animals require. We got nervous, as we are fully aware of what the Omega’s sell for on the market, but once again, were pleasantly surprised at just how low cost these quality ingredients really are.

With some research on our side, it was soon revealed, yet again, that the profit margins being made were just way over the top.

The time has come, for you the owner, of the end user to educate yourself on what is in the products you are using and is the cost of that product justifiable? Are the ingredients in your products from natural resources, as well as being compatible for animals? Are you paying a huge premium because it is an imported product? Are you quite sure there are no harmful chemicals or drugs in your supplements? Are they manufactured under the strictest of health standards and professionally mixed to ensure that the quality always remains the same?

The bottom line: are you paying a fair price for what you are getting? The onus falls on you the consumer, to know what you are giving to your animals and to demand through selective, informed buying that you get that, what you are paying for. You the buyer after all, dictate the marketability of all products.

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