What joint supplement to get?

Choosing a joint supplement for your pet could be more than a little confusing and pretty expensive!

Some facts to assist you in making an informed choice…..

Based on international clinical trials and many accepted, published article’s, a good place to start would be to choose a joint supplement with maximum contents of:

CHONDROITIN for improved joint function e.g.  slows down the progression of osteoarthritis, reduces joint pain, enhances shock-absorbing properties and assists in blocking enzymes that breakdown cartilage.

GLUCOSOMINE which has proved to assist in slowing down cartilage deteriation, improves synovial fluid thereby improving joint mobility and assists with pain relief.

MSM provides sulphur to the body which is a proven vital building block for joints & cartilage and acts as a pain reliever.

GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL contains much needed complex proteins, polypeptides, chelated minerals, long chain unsaturated fatty acids, glycosaminoglycans and high doses of pure chondroitin sulphates inhibiting inflammatory compounds by up to 10 fold.

Accepted studies have proved that with all the COMBINED above ingredients in relative amounts, will greatly assist and improve inflammatory symptoms and offer relief of arthritis to a large degree.

The choice in now up to you!

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