March 2023

Know your supplements

It is up to you, the owner, to know exactly what you are giving your animals. READ the labels, ask questions, know what the Department of Agricultures laws are – for example, did you know it is illegal to sell any unregistered ingestible supplement? This also means that there is no recourse for you if you use an unregistered supplement? 

If you do not visibly see improvements then, in all probability – at best – your chosen supplement is doing nothing!

One can visibly pick out the Promix users in the show ring and this is why:

  1. Promix only procure 100% natural top-grade (mostly imported) ingredients, analysed and verified by internationally certificated labs.
  2. We are one of the only SA produced animal supplements that uses ZERO fillers in any of our products and we use the maximum amounts allowed of every vital ingredient – way more that just the minimum amounts of ingredients allowed. EVERY Promix product is just pure ingredient.
  3. Promix, again, is one of the only SA-produced supplements that is not only SA Vet registered, but is also USA-FDA reg and EU compliant. Manufactured by an ISO 20015 (a max of a 4% variance allowed) and GMP (Intl quality control) company.
  4. Since its inception, 23 years ago, Promix supplements maintain the same pricing philosophy of ‘lots of littles’ by adding way below the market standard minimum profit to each and every product, without EVER compromising quality, thereby keeping to powders and liquids versus tables, gels and other expensive processes that can compromise the efficacy of the product.
  5. We pride ourselves on excellent service and will NEVER become too big to answer every client’s questions pertaining to their animal’s specific needs (they are after all unique individuals).


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