August 2023

Why Promix Supplements?

A personal communication from Lesley Delaney, CEO of Promix Animal Supplements

Promix supplements (9 products in the range) was started in 1998, after years of trying many, many supplements on the market, generally veering towards the more costly ones, assuming they would contain all the vital ingredients for my animals to thrive.

Sadly, while I assume no harm was done, I never visibly saw a marked improvement in either their condition, vitality or indeed to specific ailments any of them had. The research then began – surprise, surprise just like most human supplementation, the animal ones were no betterMostly made up of fillers, mixers and chemicals and only miniscule amounts of actual ingredients, with the animal ones using cheaper animal grade meaning a massive drop in efficacy.

After 2 years of research and consultation with world-leading animal nutritionists and Vets plus testing on my own animals, Promix was born in 2000. My major drive was to produce honest 100% natural supplements with all the maximum active ingredients allowed to achieve top potency. To achieve this I focussed on 5 major areas:

  1. I really needed owners to visibly be able to see a condition improvement within 2 weeks
  2. no fillers or artificial ingredients
  3. Easily consumed in both wet or dry feed, without compromising the efficacy
  4. A fair mark up so that the average owner could afford, a way above average supplement for all their animals
  5. To consistently maintain the quality of the supplements and never compromise any ingredient due to price.
Two words are the key to the success of Promix products: POTENCY: (maximum amounts) and EFFICACY (able to be utilised by the body). Therefore all Promix products are either in a powder or liquid form, are never to be refrigerated or reprocessed into tablets, gel etc. and have EVERY international veterinary manufacturing accreditation needed to consistently produce a prime product, saleable anywhere in the world. 
Please note: Questions about your animals are always welcome on or call 083 726 7152

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