October 2023

The Natural Solution to your FLY problems

Promix FlyAway Spray & Balm does not kill pests nor poison your animal, what it will do is repel ALL insects and enhance healthy skins and coats. FlyAway spray for head-to-toe protection and FlyAway balm for ear tips and noses. Promix FlyAway contains the following pure top-grade ingredients:

  • EUCALYPTUS vastly reduces tick bites and repels flies, mosquitos and midges. Also proven to combat infection.
  • BERGAMOT is an excellent insect repellent and skin conditioner (conducted USA trials proving Bergamot repelled up to 70% more insects than the average household repellent)
  • CAPE SNOWBUSH is a proven fly and mosquito repellent as well as a great antiseptic being successfully used since 1966.

Promix FlyAway Spray and Balm has been specifically formulated to be an affordable, highly effective natural and safe insect repellent that not only smells pleasant, but also contributes to healthy skins and coats.

MAGIC Promix FixAway wound ointment

A 100% natural effective ointment, using only the purest essential oils.

  • LAVENDER is a well-known remedy for the healing of wounds, burns, abscesses and eczema. It has large amounts of antiseptic, insecticide and soothing properties.
  • BENZOIN is used extensively for healing of sores and wounds, protects affected areas from irritation and infection, counteracts inflammation and promotes circulation, thereby reducing swelling, redness and itchiness.
  • PATCHOULI OIL is a proven antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory. It inhibits fungal growth, fights infection and sooths inflammation, whilst promoting healthy skin and hair growth.
  • TEA TREE OIL is effective against bacteria, fungal viruses and a proven antibiotic (researcher Arther Penfold published accepted articles in the 1920’s & 30”s proving Tea Trees effective antimicrobial activity).
  • ALOE VERA has been used for centuries for its beneficial skin rejuvenation properties. it has powerful activity for healing of wounds, sunburn and insect bites as well as reducing pain, inflammation, and itching.

Promix FixAway Balm is a natural and safe all-round, water resistant wound ointment designed to be applied as often as desired for rapid wound and ‘hotspot’ healing as well as to accelerate healthy skin and hair growth.

Both the above products were formulated by the highly regarded Vet, Dr Karen Bohme BVSc Hons and were formulated to be 100% safe, effective and affordable for all canines and equines.

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