November/December 2023

Wow the end of the year is upon us (my, 2023 did fly by)!!! This will be the last newsletter for 2023 (hopefully the best one).

The news is (thanks to you the clients): Promix has once again (23 years later) thrived, despite a really tight economy, and all I can put that down to is that you, the loving animal parents, can visibly see Promix working.

Promix as always, never compromised on quality, and, as usual, packed our products with 100% pure natural top grade ingredient and not for one moment considered increasing the current small profit margin, by adding any fillers – just packed with pure ingredient by licenced ISO 2015 manufactures with still EVERY accreditation known for quality.

We at Promix would love to say THANK YOU from our whole hearts to each and every client for not only their continued loyalty but also for always ‘passing forward’ and referring new clients to Promix.

Promix and The Courier Guy will be open throughout the festive season, however our manufactures will be closed for 3 weeks, so Promix will be well stocked which will hopefully see us and you through.

We finish off with a fun Acronym of KISS

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