July 2024

Should gut health be a priority?

The answer is 100% yes!

Understanding gut health and what you should know:

The Micro-organisms in your gut play a crucial role in your overall health from your skin right through to your vital organs.

They help digest food for energy, protect against harmful germs and regulate the immune system.

Good gut health is greatly influenced by the microbiome which can combat conditions like IBS, inflammatory bowel diseases, constipation, and loose stools. 

It is vital to maintain a balanced microbiome with Promix EM Probiotics (EM animal and Health Booster for humans), containing 15 LIVE appropriate cultures crucial for the best absorption of nutrients from food and supplements.

Highly effective for restoring and maintaining the correct and healthy balance of gut bacteria and most certainly going a long way in offering you and your animals a healthier life at an affordable price.

ALL Promix Products are 100% natural and contain zero fillers.

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