Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

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All my kids are using the Promix range for about 4 years (could be longer) Promix Joint Q Promix Pet Multivitamin Promix Probiotic Promix Itch Ease Promix Fix Away The Joint Q works fantastic for Didi’s arthritis and worked brilliantly for Max’s injuries he sustained from the doggy parlour (torn ligaments) Max recovered fully in […]

Necessary Probiotics

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The word ‘Probiotics’ means ‘for life’ and has been used for centuries as a natural health promoter, which exerts health effects beyond inherent basic nutrition. Vast research has been conducted, where Probiotics has emerged as a valuable tool in both human and veterinary medicine, used rather as a preventative medicine than as a disease therapy. […]

Toni and Hotti

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20th May 2011 “My horse had lost a lot of weight through last year’s bad winter and was very thin, and having trouble with digesting his food properly. He was showing signs of ulcers, had very bad ‘runny tummy’ and was just looking awful. Since I started using the Promix EM probiotic, he picked up […]

Chernell Jansen

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Hi Lesley, I got the products about a week ago, and all I can say is WOW!  I can’t believe how much things have improved!  I give my oldest Staffie bitch a double dose of EM Probiotics; she’s a highly active dog who’s immune system is always under stress, her coat is so shiny and thick. […]