Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

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All my kids are using the Promix range for about 4 years (could be longer) Promix Joint Q Promix Pet Multivitamin Promix Probiotic Promix Itch Ease Promix Fix Away The Joint Q works fantastic for Didi’s arthritis and worked brilliantly for Max’s injuries he sustained from the doggy parlour (torn ligaments) Max recovered fully in […]


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Hi Lesley, Your  Promix Vitamins,Minerals & Amino Mix is marvelous. My pony is on extremely limited grazing this time of year owing to her cushings disease and the great risk of laminits this time of year with all the rain we have had. Usually she loses a lot of weight but not only that, she […]


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31 January 2010 Dear Lesley Thank you so much for recommending the PROMIX-Pet Multi-vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid supplement for our Labrador (Shammy), who is 9 ½ years old. She was definitely having very little quality of life – blind; battling to get up and down our patio steps and generally not able to get […]