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The claims made by Promix Amino Acid supplements, were based on the following research and accepted reports. All the below information was taken from reports compiled from the National Research Council on nutrient requirements of horses and were published.

Optimize Energy Levels

  • Horses supplemented with AMINO ACIDS high in LYSINE & THEONINE proved to perform better than horses on traditional high crude protein diets. Dr D. Cornfield Bask, Disc, PhD – Virginia Tech

Assisted Prevention Of Muscle Stiffness Spasms & Tying Up

  • AMINO ACIDS high in LYSINE and METHIONINE are needed for the formation and repair of muscle tissue as well as to assist in replacing nitrogen in sweat. Ray Gear Bask, PhD, Dip. ACVIM – Canada

Improved Food Utilisation

  • Protein is the essential part of the horses diet and protein are chains of AMINO ACIDS. If one essential AMINO ACID is missing, then synthesis cannot continue and the protein cannot be efficiently utilized. Hence all AMINO ACIDS need to be present. Sarah Ralston VMD, PhD, Dip. ACVM. Associate Professor of department of animal science – Rutgers University

Assisted Lactation & Reproduction In Brood Mares

  • The Lactating mare requires high levels of quality proteins containing higher levels of LYSINE to produce milk. It has been proven that both SELENIUM and MANGANESE are required in a broodmares diet to assist fertility. Shea Porr PhD – Assistant Professor of agricultural technologies, Ohio State University.

Promotes Growth In Young Horses

  • Foals, weanlings and yearlings require more total high – quality protein containing more LYSINE in order to synthesise muscle, bone and cartilage as they grow. Sarah Ralston VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVN – Associate Professor Rutgers University.