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Choose FixAway Balm for a ‘totally natural’ wound balm that not only promotes rapid healing and new growth of healthy skin & hair, but is a great disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and is water resistant at a very affordable price.

PROMIX - FixAway Balm A‘100% natural’ effective wound ointment using only the purest essential oils

Formulated by Dr Karen Bohme BVSc Hons


  • Lavender Oil: A well-known remedy for the healing of wounds, burns, abscesses & eczema. It has large amounts of antiseptic, insecticide and calming qualities.
  • Bezoin: Used for the healing of sores and wounds, as well as protects the affected area from irritation and infection. Counteracts inflammation and promotes circulation, therefore reducing swelling, redness and itchiness.
  • Patchouli Oil: Has antiseptic, astringent & anti-inflammation properties therefore assisting with soothing inflammation, inhibiting fungal growth and fights infection whilst promoting hair growth.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Effective against bacteria, fungal viruses and a proven antibiotic and insect repellent. Researcher Arthur Penfold published accepted articles in the 1920‘s & 30’s, proving Tea Tree’s effective antimicrobial activity.
  • Aloe Vera: Used for centuries for its beneficial skin rejuvenation properties. Aloe Vera has powerful activity for healing of wounds, sunburn, reduces pain, inflammation and itching and is a great moisturiser therefore encouraging skin growth.


FixAway is a natural all round, water resistant wound ointment, that should sooth and assist in the healing of most wounds as well as promote rapid skin and hair growth. Should the wound infection persist without any improvement for longer than 5 days, please consult a Vet.

What our clients have to say...

All my kids are using the Promix range for about 4 years (could be longer) Promix Joint Q Promix Pet Multivitamin Promix Probiotic Promix Itch Ease Promix Fix Away The Joint Q works fantastic for Didi's arthritis and worked brilliantly for Max's injuries he sustained from the doggy parlour (torn ligaments) Max recovered fully in 5 months instead of 6 months. Both Max's braces got removed on month 5. Biscuit has severely dry skin and what a difference Promix Itch Ease made. She is scratching 70% less in a matter of a month. Promix Fix Away is fantastic for the

Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

On the 2nd of September 2017 Emily had an operation for her luxating patella. She was at the hospital for 2 weeks, during her first week she got a rash on her throat from having to wear the “cone of shame” and with her being a basset, all the loose skin and her drinking water her throat stayed damp and it became rather infected, so they had to shave off all the hair. She had a weekend pass so I could give her some TLC at home so the Friday I picked her up and had to take her back

Emily (submitted by Magda Webber)

I am using Promix JointQ for quite a long time for my own arthritus and now also EM Health Booster and all I can say is that I am a new person.

Bettie’s Stories

Morning Lesley, Hope you are well. I have attached photos of Max's nose both before and after 2 weeks treatment, using your Promix FixAway Balm.

Max’s Nose


Product Size Animals Within Gauteng Outside Gauteng
FixAway Balm 150 ml Horses/Dogs/Cats R160,00 R175,00
FixAway Balm 250 ml Horses/Dogs/Cats R225,00 R235,00