Joint Q
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Improved Joint Mobility

GLUCOSOMINE has been proved to assist in slowing down cartilage deterioration, improves joint mobility and assists with joint pain relief.

Accelerated New Cartilage Formation

GLUCOSOMINE greatly assists with maintaining the correct moisture levels in cartilage, therefore creating the ideal environment to induce acceleration of new cartilage formation.

Reduced Joint Pain & Inflammation

CHONDROITIN has proved successful in reducing joint pain and inflammation, improves joint function as well as slows down the progression of osteoarthritis.

CHONDROITIN has also proved to enhance shock-absorbing properties and assists in blocking enzymes that break down cartilage.

Assisted Joint Maintenance

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) provides Sulphur to the body, a proven vital building block for joints & cartilage. MSM taken with a combination of GLUCOSOMINE and CHONDROITIN has proved extremely effective in increasing joint comfort and supporting a normal range of motion.


  1. Green Lipped Mussel contains up to 12% concentrated Chondroitin and 10% Glucosamine, therefore vastly increasing both ingredients’ volume content.
  2. Rosehip contains all the natural ascorbic acid necessary to allow the ingredients to be available to be absorbed by the body (read notes on both Rosehip & Celery).
  3. Joint Q contains zero filler but does have a natural binder.
  4. As Joint Q contains only ‘natural’ ingredients, increasing or decreasing of dosages can be applied as the need calls for it.
JOY Dogs - happy users of Joint Q

Recommended Dosage: To be added to feed

Small dogs & cats up to 9kg: ½ teaspoon per day
Medium dogs up to 19kg: 1 teaspoon per day
Large dogs up to 30kg: 1 ½ teaspoons per day
Giant dogs of 40kg & over: 2 teaspoons per day
Horses of 500kg: 1 x 20gr scoop per day

Recommended Selling Price (effective 1 May 2024 onwards)

Product Size Animals Within Gauteng Outside Gauteng
JointQ 300gr Horses/Dogs/Cats R491.00 R509.00
JointQ 600gr Horses/Dogs/Cats R818.00 R828.00
JointQ 1,2kg Horses/Dogs/Cats R1,530.00 R1,545.00
JointQ 5 kg Horses/Dogs/Cats R5,879.00 R6,000.00

What our clients have to say...

Dr Lynn Holmes: Educational Psychologist

Please can I re-order ... Promix JointQ ... It works so well, and I see a huge difference...

RAPS K9 Law Enforcement

I am Jessica Greyling the Kennel Master at RAPS K9 Law Enforcement ... We have seen fantastic results on Promix JointQ.

Anita’s Yorkie

... I’m giving her the Joint Q and Probiotics for three days and this morning she walked four wobbly steps and even ...

Lionel, Ginger & Max

... shown a big improvement in her movement. Max is also on the formula and he has become more active ....... injury is healing well ... Every veterinarian should be suggesting your product ...

Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

… works fantastic for Didi’s arthritis and ... worked brilliantly for Max’s injuries … Biscuit has severely dry skin and what a difference Promix Itch Ease made … I’m super happy with this natural product

Bettie’s Stories

I am using … JointQ for …my own arthritus and … EM Health Booster and … I am a new person…. so I put some Fixaway Balm on and this morning most of it was gone…I can't get enough of Promix products and believe there's nothing better…

Melanie’s Dog Saved

…Joint-Q. I started giving it to my dog … is now walking, … playing and …wagging his tail again…We cut back on nearly all the painkillers that we received at the Vet. ,,, There is definitely a huge improvement … Thank you for your support and this great product.

Miemie’s Jack Russell

Our Jack Russell is doing really well on the supplement and completely off the Petcam. Thanks for a great product and we so appreciate you too

Amazed Anne-Mari

My lab/retriever has been struggling for a while with his joints … very sensitive skin … He has been using Joint Q and Itch ease now for 2 weeks and I can’t believe the difference! … he has …much more energy, … and … skin condition has improved so much!

Pit-Track K9 Conservation Unit

Pit-Track is an organization that specializes in Rhino Protection using highly trained operators and attack dogs. These dogs work in pairs, tracking both the Rhino and the poacher.  They have had 9 KILLS to date. These dogs are trained for 2 years at a cost of around R200 000-00 each.  Promix is sponsoring 2 dogs