Hi Lesley,

I thought you might want some feedback on the multivitamin powder.

In 2015 we rescued a Labrador X by the name of Sandy who we trained in narcotics detection.

In 2017 she was deployed to Cape Town International Airport with her handler Monica. Sandy has always had fairly bad lungs and has coughing fits which are usually brought on by change in season and allergies, coupled with a weakened immune system. Sandy has been on cortisone pumps which is in the form of an inhaler, as well as cortisone tablets to help with the coughing attacks she has multiple times a day.

Sandy’s chest was very bad the week before you couriered the multivitamin to Cape Town. Within 2 weeks of starting the multivitamin, Sandy has stopped all of the cortisone, as well as all other medication. She is bouncing around like a young dog again, and has not had a coughing fit since.

From all of us at K9 Law Enforcement, we send a massive, massive thank you to you for not only helping all of our other dogs on a monthly basis, but changing Sandy’s life completely.

Chelsea Mercado