Hi Lesley,

I felt the need to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

About 4 months ago I contacted you re my ailing 32 year old mare, which due to getting every virus that came our way, had lost a lot of weight, coat condition and so it seemed the will to live. The vet injected her with B complex and told me to put her on several very costly supplements, 5 expensive months down the line with no improvement, the vet suggested putting her down.

You recommended your multi vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements and assured me there would be a vast improvement within 2 weeks. You were right and now 4 months later, she is looking beautiful, dappled, healthy and fat, I have just cut her food for the second time since Promix supplements. 2 months ago I also put my 2 competition horses on your stuff and I now have people stopping to ask what I feed, to keep my horses looking so well.

I recently put my Bullmastiff on your new Itch Ease Oil and the Pet Multivitamin as he has a severe skin condition which requires cortisone treatment. I have stopped the cortisone and his skin is clearing up better than it ever has. He used to spend hours scratching and ended up with open sores and getting depressed. He has stopped the constant scratching and has become the happy energetic dog he once was. I am once again, super impressed.

So a very big thank you, for a really great range of supplements that works as it says and does not bust the bank balance.

Have a very good day.

Cape Town

Dr Lynn Holmes: Educational Psychologist

Please can I re-order ... Promix JointQ ... It works so well, and I see a huge difference...

Sandy: K9 Law Enforcement

Within 2 weeks of starting the multivitamin, Sandy ... is bouncing around like a young dog again.

Dianne & Max

...Wow, what a difference in Max...

RAPS K9 Law Enforcement

I am Jessica Greyling the Kennel Master at RAPS K9 Law Enforcement ... We have seen fantastic results on Promix JointQ.

Anita’s Yorkie

... I’m giving her the Joint Q and Probiotics for three days and this morning she walked four wobbly steps and even ...

Lionel, Ginger & Max

... shown a big improvement in her movement. Max is also on the formula and he has become more active ....... injury is healing well ... Every veterinarian should be suggesting your product ...

Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

… works fantastic for Didi’s arthritis and ... worked brilliantly for Max’s injuries … Biscuit has severely dry skin and what a difference Promix Itch Ease made … I’m super happy with this natural product

Emily (submitted by Magda Webber)

...Within a day of me applying the balm she started feeling more comfortable and by the Monday when I took her back she was feeling so much better and not red at all....

Anne-Marie & Itch Ease

Itch Ease is just as fantastic and I have received much positive feedback on it.

Bettie’s Stories

I am using … JointQ for …my own arthritus and … EM Health Booster and … I am a new person…. so I put some Fixaway Balm on and this morning most of it was gone…I can't get enough of Promix products and believe there's nothing better…
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