Inspiring Stories by Tracy Moxey: Promix Natal Agent

This is my horse Secret who was on the EM Probiotic for 40 days and now has it a few days before and after deworming. I know you don’t think it is the same horse and my bad for taking pics on different sides but for all of those who know this is Secret.

Secret1 Secret2
Secret Before (August 2011) Secret After (December 2011)

This is my other horse Tao(Brut) who has been on the Amino Acids for 3 months.

Tao Before (August 2011) Tao After (November 2011)

Meet Ty – my very gorgeous Shepard who suffered terribly with an itchy skin and was on cortisone tablets permanently – he is now only on the Itch Ease Coat Enhancer.