This is my horse Secret who was on the EM Probiotic for 40 days and now has it a few days before and after deworming. I know you don’t think it is the same horse and my bad for taking pics on different sides but for all of those who know this is Secret.
Secret1 Secret2
Secret Before (August 2011) Secret After (December 2011)
This is my other horse Tao(Brut) who has been on the Amino Acids for 3 months.
Tao Before (August 2011) Tao After (November 2011)
Meet Ty – my very gorgeous Shepard who suffered terribly with an itchy skin and was on cortisone tablets permanently – he is now only on the Itch Ease Coat Enhancer.

Dianne & Max

...Wow, what a difference in Max...

Anita’s Yorkie

... I’m giving her the Joint Q and Probiotics for three days and this morning she walked four wobbly steps and even ...

Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

… works fantastic for Didi’s arthritis and ... worked brilliantly for Max’s injuries … Biscuit has severely dry skin and what a difference Promix Itch Ease made … I’m super happy with this natural product

Bettie’s Stories

I am using … JointQ for …my own arthritus and … EM Health Booster and … I am a new person…. so I put some Fixaway Balm on and this morning most of it was gone…I can't get enough of Promix products and believe there's nothing better…

Pit-Track K9 Conservation Unit

Pit-Track is an organization that specializes in Rhino Protection using highly trained operators and attack dogs. These dogs work in pairs, tracking both the Rhino and the poacher.  They have had 9 KILLS to date. These dogs are trained for 2 years at a cost of around R200 000-00 each.  Promix is sponsoring 2 dogs

Toni and Hotti

...Thank you for this incredible product, it really has made a huge difference to his well being!!...Thank you for this incredible product, it really has made a huge difference to his well being!!

Chernell Jansen

I got the products about a week ago, and all I can say is WOW!  I can't believe how much things have improved!

Dianne’s German Shepard & Jumping Horse

Just a note of mega thanks for great products that really do work miracles.

Promix is fantastic!!

My one chow was really ill and did not eat for two weeks…we decided to try the Probiotics…he started eating within 24hrs … he picked up all his weight that he lost within a month … I firmly believe there is nothing better than PROMIX … The oil for their skins is FANTASTIC!

Louise: Cape Town

Whilst we are only halfway through with the EM Probiotic & Vitamin & Mineral samples, he is responding very positively. We have seen a big change in him with eating well and showing more of an interest in his work.