Louise: Cape Town

Hi Michelle.

Thank you very much for the samples I received from you.

I put one of our racehorses on both products.  We have had a lot of problems with him and have tried anti-ulcer and a variety of other products in an attempt to pinpoint the problem.  Whilst we are only halfway through with the EM Probiotic & Vitamin & Mineral samples, he is responding very positively.  We have seen a big change in him with eating well and showing more of an interest in his work.

Vaughan is away until the second week in September and will see the change when he gets back.  Hopefully I will convince him to purchase the products on a regular basis.

The doggy products I have started to use on my own dogs. The change is phenomenal.   I have had to cut back on their food as they all seem to be putting on weight quickly and their coats are shining. I will continue to use it when the samples are finished.

Thanks again for persuading me to try these. Much appreciated.