Toni and Hotti

20th May 2011

“My horse had lost a lot of weight through last year’s bad winter and was very thin, and having trouble with digesting his food properly. He was showing signs of ulcers, had very bad ‘runny tummy’ and was just looking awful. Since I started using the Promix EM probiotic, he picked up weight quickly, his coat improved dramatically and he has had NO colic or ‘runny tummy’ ever since!! Thank you for this incredible product, it really has made a huge difference to his well being!!”

I hope this helps you, if you feel you need to change my wording you are more than welcome to do so. I was really impressed with how quickly it worked, how reasonably priced the product is and how simple it is to use. So, a million times THANK YOU!!!

Best regards,
Toni and Hott