Jordan the Wheaten Scottish Terrier

Hi there, I just love your wonderful product!! I have been searching for an natural alternative to Prednisone and I have found it in Promix Itch Ease Coat Enhancer!! I have a Wheaten Scottish Terrier, Jordan, that has allergic reactions to certain foods, grass, etc.

He was itching so badly that he was almost permanently on Prednisone and my vet bills was astronomically high. I was an exhibitor at the KZN Supreme Competition on 18 February and an agent came past with a Promix pamphlet and introduced me to the anti-itch supplement. I bought a 500ml bottle and that evening I gave Jordan his first dose of the supplement. He had his last Prednisone tablet on 18 February and nothing since. He has not itched and thus NO scratching since 18 February!!! He’s coat was shedding and dull, today it is shiny and healthy. Your product is amazing!!

I lost the business card of the agent. Please can you forward me a contact number of an agent in Durban.

Kind regards

Leilani Morgan