George the Rottweiler

Good day

1 year ago my wife Terri and I adopted 2 Rottweiler crosses (siblings) that came from an abusive home. It took us quite a while to show these dogs that humans are not as bad as they thought. After a few weeks we noticed that the male George had a bad limp on his right leg. 3 visits to the Vet and 1 to a specialist including 2 MRI scans, we were told that he had to loose weight and the we would be looking at least R10000.00 for an operation that  maybe would work or maybe would not.

Fortunately during the time that George was on the diet, before we could take him back for the operation Terri was told about Promix JointQ. The rest is history we put George on to Promix Р2  tea spoons every morning and the limp went away. To be on the safe side we still give George 1 tea spoon every other day. He is now a very happy dog and loves to play fight with his sister and more often than not will beat her to the gate to bark at people walking passed the gate. (the gate is 55mtrs from the house)

Kind Regards

John Moore