Dear Lesley,

Terribly sorry that I am only replying now.  This has been our busy period at Van Schaik with University opening etc.

I need to tell you that before I received the Promix Joint Q Fred was at a stage where he wasn’t very mobile, and he is a year old.  He was in distress and did not even eating every day (and he loves food).

3 Days after I received your product there was a remarkeable change in Fred.  He started chasing the cat again, he jumped onto couches,(bear in mind he has severe hipdisplacia in both back legs) he was his old naughty self again…

I know that he is still compromised but the fact that he is mobile and full of life makes the journey all the worth while.  I do not know how to thank you for this miracle product.  He had a visit with our vet yesterday and he was very impressed with Fred’s condition.

I will keep in touch to give you updates and has recommended your product to everybody to a lot of people.  I am about to send your details to Dr Gilfillain (vet) as he requested it.

Once again, thanks so much.
Kind regards

Susan van Eck | Branch Manager | Grahamstown