A True Tale of Mr Bojangles

Many moons ago I went to a racing dispersal sale and by pure luck, landed up buying a 3 month pregnant mare for R750.00, as no one seemed to want her. She was in foal to “Foveros” a great racing stallion. After much medical cost, she at last gave birth to a healthy filly I named her Ginsing lass. Nicknamed “Pins” the foal reached the age of 3 months when mom ruptured a gut and we had to put her down. Pins now was an orphan and was adopted by the rest of my herd and grew up to be my soul horse mate.

She was a truly pitch black filly with a very arrogant but solemn attitude. When Pins turned 2, I sent her to a trainer for racing. Pins went on to win over R100.000 in prize money before she injured a leg, and after an operation I duly retired her. Now Pins was to start her breeding career. After having had 15 foals born in our yard, Pins for her first foal produced our first colt.

Well he stood up within 10 minutes after birth and when I tried to guide him to his mom’s teat I duly got a swift kick. Once he found his way and had a good drink he then came over to check me out and inquisitive to the extreme he has remained. We named him Mister Bojangles as at every turn his only aim was to entertain us. Mister became very proficient with a horse ball and any other thing else he could do, to be the yard clown. Pins went on to give birth 2 years later to her second foal (a filly thank god) and then we sadly lost her to colic on the operating table.

Mister turned 2 and it was his turn to go to racing. From day one he loved it. There were just soo many people and horses to entertain. Unfortunately my trainer would not allow me to feed him Promix whilst in training, as he insisted on his own “proven” supplements. Mister tried for 2 years to win but alas other than a couple of distant places he could just not focus on being the main okie, entertain all and race all at the same time.

Mister came back home to me at the beginning of April 2008 looking a little sorry for himself. He is of course racing lean and has a bad skin disease. As soon as he got home he went straight onto Promix Vitamin & Minerals as well as the Amino Acids, so please keep track of his condition and progress on this site, as I will update with a photo every 6 weeks.

By the way we are now onto his 5th horse ball. Donations would be most welcome.


Mister Bojangles, Photo below was taken on 02-06-08. His skin has now cleared up and hair growth has rapidly covered the unsightly bald patches, His coat is short and very silky soft.

Mister has put on about 60 kg, but still needs another good 50kg of weight. Thank you Promix for a job well done, please continue. Mister firstly went into a little of a depression since coming home and did not eat well, but thanks to the full amount of B complex in Promix, it stimulated his appetite and he is now eating like a horse.

I think the depression was due to him missing the vast audience from Randtjies for his clowning act, but do not fear a new game has been found. If he sticks his head over my 4ft house wall, he is able to reach for the washing on the line and there is just nothing like running around with moms knickers in his mouth, with mom chasing close behind. Keep posted for the next photo in about 8 weeks and see what Mister and Promix get up to.