“I rode Tarragon today and his enthusiasm to work was encouraging. He has had 5 days of Joint Q and compared to his last ride I had a happy animal. He wanted to canter not walk, ears forward and eager”

Melanie’s Dog Saved

…Joint-Q. I started giving it to my dog … is now walking, … playing and …wagging his tail again…We cut back on nearly all the painkillers that we received at the Vet. ,,, There is definitely a huge improvement … Thank you for your support and this great product.

Miemie’s Jack Russell

Our Jack Russell is doing really well on the supplement and completely off the Petcam. Thanks for a great product and we so appreciate you too

Amazed Anne-Mari

My lab/retriever has been struggling for a while with his joints … very sensitive skin … He has been using Joint Q and Itch ease now for 2 weeks and I can’t believe the difference! … he has …much more energy, … and … skin condition has improved so much!

Pit-Track K9 Conservation Unit

Pit-Track is an organization that specializes in Rhino Protection using highly trained operators and attack dogs. These dogs work in pairs, tracking both the Rhino and the poacher.  They have had 9 KILLS to date. These dogs are trained for 2 years at a cost of around R200 000-00 each.  Promix is sponsoring 2 dogs

Great Dane with Hip Dysplasia

It’s been approximately two weeks after I started giving my dog Promix Joint-Q. …Her getting up and going down is a lot easier! Her life is now pain free!!!! … This is truly a wonderful product! So glad I got to meet you at WODAC!

Dorothy Meyer and LosChordian

I chatted to you last Saturday in Natal Saddlery. I have a 20-year-old Tb gelding who was very very stiff! Lots of previous soft tissue injury from eventing and endurance. I fed him 20g of Promix Joint Q supplement from Saturday to Wednesday … he was a new horse!


…Lester … did extremely well in the summer on the anti-itch…My vet was quite amazed at the results…also on your amino acid supplement – he has definitely built muscle…My physio commented last week that whatever I am doing, I must continue…

Toni and Hotti

...Thank you for this incredible product, it really has made a huge difference to his well being!!...Thank you for this incredible product, it really has made a huge difference to his well being!!

Chernell Jansen

I got the products about a week ago, and all I can say is WOW!  I can't believe how much things have improved!

Dianne’s German Shepard & Jumping Horse

Just a note of mega thanks for great products that really do work miracles.