Great Dane with Hip Dysplasia

Hi Lesley,

It’s been approximately two weeks after I started giving my dog Promix Joint-Q.

Since then she’s been able to go off Nutridyl and she only gets half of the 225g Previcox every second day!!! Her getting up and going down is a lot easier! Her life is now pain free!!!!

I also started giving it to my other two Great Danes as well. At the beginning my male Great Dane was like: “What the hell is this?!”, but with a little thinking out of the box he started eating it!

This is truly a wonderful product! So glad I got to meet you at WODAC!

Then, I’m running low on Promix Joint-Q (1.2 kg) and I would like to try Itch Ease Coat Enhancer (1L) as well. I’d like to see how it works on my male Great Dane as well as my white Bull Terrier. Could you maybe send your banking details or address?


Danielle Oosthuizen

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