Luscious Lilac

Hi Lesley,

I had pretty much retired my horse, Luscious Lilac (13 year old TB mare, 1.20m graded show jumper). She just wasn’t the same after sustaining an injury that saw her off for 6 months. I tried the physio, joint supplements, more time off with only small improvement. It was heart breaking to see my once proud horse become so lackluster. She lacked energy, flexibility and some days bordered on being unsound.

About a month ago my sister gave me ‘Promix’ supplements to try. Within two weeks the effect was astounding. Her abounding energy and increasing flexibility were immediately noticeable.

Born with thin hoof walls, throwing shoes has always been an issue. After a month, the condition of her hooves are looking better than ever. ‘Promix’ supplements have revitalized her mood and eagerness and given me back the horse I know.

I have been able to bring her back to full work and competition.

She has not been on any, nor needed any supplements in addition to ‘Promix’.