Max, Didi, Chiara & Biscuit (submitted by Tanya Snyman Pietersen)

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All my kids are using the Promix range for about 4 years (could be longer) Promix Joint Q Promix Pet Multivitamin Promix Probiotic Promix Itch Ease Promix Fix Away The Joint Q works fantastic for Didi’s arthritis and worked brilliantly for Max’s injuries he sustained from the doggy parlour (torn ligaments) Max recovered fully in […]

Anne-Marie & Itch Ease

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After reading your newsletter, I just have to add that, up and above Joint Q, Itch Ease is just as fantastic and I have received much positive feedback on it. My 7 dogs are also on it and the moment it gets to change of season, I double dose them for 2 weeks as their […]

Melanie’s Dog Saved

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Good Morning Lesley, Thank you very much for the Joint-Q. I started giving it to my dog on the 7th of August 2018. He is now walking, started playing and even started wagging his tail again. We cut back on nearly all the painkillers that we received at the Vet. He started on 13 tablets per day […]

Amazed Anne-Mari

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I just want to compliment you on your fantastic products! My lab/retriever has been struggling for a while with his joints as well as a very sensitive skin – to the point that we frequently took him at the vet for cortisone injections. He has been using Joint Q and Itch ease now for 2 […]