What joint supplement to get?

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Choosing a joint supplement for your pet could be more than a little confusing and pretty expensive! Some facts to assist you in making an informed choice….. Based on international clinical trials and many accepted, published articles, a good place to start would be to choose a joint supplement with maximum contents of: CHONDROITIN for […]

Amino Acids

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Based on the findings of Dr Sarah Ralston-assoc professor Rutgers University USA Foal nutrition does not begin from the day the foal is born, but rather from the day the foal is conceived. Providing the mare is in good condition, the final three months of her pregnancy is nutritionally vital, as the foal gains half […]

Necessary Probiotics

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The word ‘Probiotics’ means ‘for life’ and has been used for centuries as a natural health promoter, which exerts health effects beyond inherent basic nutrition. Vast research has been conducted, where Probiotics has emerged as a valuable tool in both human and veterinary medicine, used rather as a preventative medicine than as a disease therapy. […]

Pit-Track K9 Conservation Unit

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Pit-Track is an organization that specializes in Rhino Protection using highly trained operators and attack dogs. These dogs work in pairs, tracking both the Rhino and the poacher.  They have had 9 KILLS to date. These dogs are trained for 2 years at a cost of around R200 000-00 each.  Promix is sponsoring 2 dogs […]

Great Dane with Hip Dysplasia

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Hi Lesley, It’s been approximately two weeks after I started giving my dog Promix Joint-Q. Since then she’s been able to go off Nutridyl and she only gets half of the 225g Previcox every second day!!! Her getting up and going down is a lot easier! Her life is now pain free!!!! I also started […]

Dorothy Meyer and LosChordian

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Hi Tracy (KZN Promix agent) I chatted to you last Saturday in Natal Saddlery.  I have a 20 year old Tb gelding who was very very stiff! Lots of previous soft tissue injury from eventing and endurance. I fed him 20g of Promix Joint Q supplement from Saturday to Wednesday and riding on Wednesday he […]


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Hi Lesley Just a bit of feedback, Lester (my WB) did extremely well in the summer on the anti-itch – he did get a few itchy spots, and I treated the spots with prenene (sp?) ointment.  My vet was quite amazed at the results as we really struggled last year with his itchiness and he […]