Dorothy Meyer and LosChordian

I chatted to you last Saturday in Natal Saddlery. I have a 20-year-old Tb gelding who was very very stiff! Lots of previous soft tissue injury from eventing and endurance. I fed him 20g of Promix Joint Q supplement from Saturday to Wednesday … he was a new horse!


…Lester … did extremely well in the summer on the anti-itch…My vet was quite amazed at the results…also on your amino acid supplement – he has definitely built muscle…My physio commented last week that whatever I am doing, I must continue…

Fiona & Tarragon

I rode Tarragon today and his enthusiasm to work was encouraging. He has had 5 days of Joint Q and compared to his last ride I had a happy animal. He wanted to canter not walk, ears forward and eager